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George Van Dusen's recordings were amongst the best sellers of the 1930s. George used the title The Great Dutch Yodeller , throughout his long career, although his stage name disguised his East End origins. His songs have an infectious vivacity which still work today, despite yodelling being rather out of fashion. During the 1980's George Van Dusen was "rediscovered" and his song It's Party Time Again was in the pop record charts, remixed with a disco beat. Needless to say it is the original version featured on this Album.

George Van Dusen - Knees Up and Yodel
George Van Dusen - Knees Up and Yodel - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Arthur Askey, known as "Big Hearted Arthur" and noted for his radio programme "Band Waggon", was an all round entertainer. On this Album he treats us to some of his silly novelty songs. Most famous of these is The Bee, in which Arthur Askey imagines himself "Flying round the garden, the sweetest ever seen, taking back the honey to the dear old queen". Also included on the Album are some rare ENSA recordings from Arthur Askey, as well as an appeal for Fuel Economy issued during the days of rationing and general shortage.

Arthur Askey - Chirrup
Arthur Askey - Chirrup - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Tommy Handley, who was the mainstay of the radio programme ITMA ("It's that man again"), had a long career which also preceded that success. His first major success, and included in this Album, was The Disorderly Room - a skit on army life in which he provides new words to well known tunes of the time. Tommy Handley performed this sketch at the Royal Variety Performance in 1924. Other tracks from the 1920s and 1930s feature popular songs of the time, as well as Tommy Handley demonstrating the problems of early wireless in Wireless Oscillations and Aggravations.
The Album concludes with Tommy Handley's tips for fuel saving from 1944, and an incident at a railway bookstall in 1932.

Tommy Handley - It s That Man Again
Tommy Handley - It's That Man Again - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

This Album from Billy Bennett, includes many of his famous nonsense monologues and songs. Originally billed as the Trench Comedian dressed in his khaki uniform, Billy Bennett evolved his act into that of Almost a Gentleman. Billy Bennett wrote his own material, including many parodies of well know poems and Victorian songs. As the theatre critic, James Agate, wrote: "Nobody who ever saw Billy Bennett is likely to forget that rubicund, unaesthetic countenance, that black, plastered quiff, that sergeant major's moustache, that dreadful dinner jacket, that well used and seedy collar, the too short trousers, the hobnailed boots, the continual perspiration which was the outward and visible sign of a mind struggling for expression"

Billy Bennett - The Real Guy
Billy Bennett - The Real Guy - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Charlie Higgins was one of the most popular comedians featured on record during the early 1930s. Although his records sold well at the time, some of the originals are now very hard to find, but all of Charlie Higgin's most popular song numbers are featured on this Album. His humour is full of vigour and travels well up to the present time, and can be thoroughly recommended as giving a good feel for popular comedy in the 1930s.

Charlie Higgins - Album - All Poshed up
Charlie Higgins - Album (Download) - All Poshed up GBP £7.99

By popular demand, this Album features the contrasting Jewish styles of Max Bacon and Julian Rose. Max Bacon started as the drummer with Ambrose's Orchestra, but later went on to become a comedian.
Julian Rose is famous for his depiction of Levinsky at the Wedding which is included here in its entirely. As a bonus, seven tracks taken from his earlier career in American Vaudeville are included, these being from cylinder recordings of the 1900s. (Note: these bonus tracks are not electrical recordings but are earlier acoustic recordings included for historic interest)
To complete the picture and aid understanding, Sam Levenson gives us a lesson in basic Yiddish.

Max Bacon and Julian Rose - Hebrew Humour
Max Bacon & Julian Rose - Hebrew Humour - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Cardiff born Tessie O'Shea was popular from the 1920s right though to the 1990s. During this long career, Tessie emphasised her stature, using the song Two Ton Tessie (from Tennessee) as her theme tune. Ranging from Music Hall, Variety and seaside entertainer, Tessie O'Shea also enjoyed success in television and in the theatre.
This Album features songs from the earlier part of Tessie O'Shea's career, including most of her popular numbers from the 1930s.

Tessie O Shea - It All belongs to Me
Tessie O'Shea - It All belongs to Me - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Clapham and Dwyer were the first double act to be brought to fame by appearing on the radio, rather than starting out as Variety Artists. Charlie Clapham, with monocle and moustache was the "Silly Ass" and Bill Dwyer played the straight man. The majority of Clapham and Dwyer's sketches attempt relate to a specific subject, which could be extended to meet the requirements of new material for broadcasting.

An unusual gem is Clapham and Dwyer's Surrealist Alphabet. Here are the first few lines:
A for 'orses (Hay for Horses)
B for Mutton (Beef or mutton)
C for th' 'ighlanders (Seaforth Highlanders)
D for ential (Differential)
E for Adam (Eve for Adam)
F for vessence (Effervesence)

(The complete alphabet is on the Album)

Clapham And Dwyer - The Wireless Nuisances
Clapham And Dwyer - The Wireless Nuisances - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Leslie Sarony was hugely popular during the 1930s, and wrote and recorded many songs. Leslie Sarony was the King of the nonsense song, such as Why did the Sparrow leave the Straight and Narrow? and Let me carry your Bag to Bagdad, Dad. The title song Grandpa Liked It is one of those which leaves a permanent impression on the memory - once heard never forgotten.

On this Album Leslie Sarony appears with Leslie Holmes on Shut the Door (they're coming in the Window) . He is also joined by Jack Hylton's band on some tracks. And is that Charles Penrose you can hear on the last track?

Leslie Sarony - Grandpa Liked It
Leslie Sarony - Grandpa Liked It - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Lupino Lane came from a family of entertainers. As well as his acting career, he was an expert acrobat, singer and film director. He is remembered today for his association with the song The Lambeth Walk and as the East London character Bill Snibson. In this character he provides some fine renditions of old Billy Williams favourites from earlier in the 20th century.

Lupino Lane also appeared as "Nipper" Lane, and five tracks feature him in this role.

Lupino Lane - The Lambeth Walk
Lupino Lane - The Lambeth Walk - Album (Download) GBP £7.99
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