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Lupino Lane - The Lambeth Walk GBP £0.79
Tessie O’Shea - Nobody loves a Fairy when she’s Forty GBP £0.79
Tessie O'Shea - Two Ton Tessie (from Tennessee) GBP £0.79
Tommy Trinder - Champagne Charlie GBP £0.79
Tommy Trinder - The Man on the Flying Trapeze GBP £0.79
Fred Barnes - Give me the moonlight, Give me the Girl GBP £0.79
Fred Barnes - The Black Sheep of the Family GBP £0.79

Stanley Holloway first appeared in "The Co-Optimists" and made some recordings as part of this Concert Party. The tracks on this Album date from a slightly later period and feature the two characters which he made famous - Sam Small and Albert Ramsbottom.

Marriott Edgar, created the character of Albert Ramsbottom. A press report, detailing the mauling of a young boy at London Zoo, had caught his attention. By changing the venue to Blackpool, it was possible to inject some northern humour into the story and thus “The Lion and Albert” was born.

Stanley Holloway's monologues had large record sales during the 1930s, and the figure of Young Albert swallowed by the Lion crept into the National Consciousness - the monologue Albert and his Savings was used during the Second World War to promote National Savings.

Sam Small who famously refused to pick up his musket also feature in a rare recording Sam Small at Westminster which Stanley Holloway used to promote the election of the National Government.

Stanley Holloway - Young Albert
Stanley Holloway - Young Albert and Old Sam - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Cicely Courtneidge made her stage debut as a fairy at the age of eight, and this was the prelude to a long and distinguished career. She became a popular figure in Music Halls and Theatres before moving into films in 1930. In 1916 Cicely married her stage partner, Jack Hulbert and frequently appeared alongside him.

The Album includes a variety of Cicely Courtneidge songs such as Why has a cow got four legs? which also features Jack Hulbert. Also included are Cicely Courtneidge's most famous sketches, Laughing Gas and Double Damask.

The Album ends with Cicely's first ever commercial recording, made in 1911.

Cicely Courtneidge - Laughing Gas
Cicely Courtneidge - Laughing Gas - Album Download GBP £7.99

The Western Brothers had their peak of popularity during the 1930s and early 1940s. Satirising the Upper Classes was their main form of comedy. Particular targets were the BBC and the public school. Such was their popularity that their record company had special picture labels made, which used "The old school tie" as part of the label design. They had an effective dig at German propaganda in their wartime recordings mimicing the broadcasts of Lord Haw

The Western Brothers - Play the Game
The Western Brothers - Play the Game - Album (Download) GBP £7.99
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