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The Two Leslies -Ainít love grand? GBP £0.79
The Two Leslies - Why must we keep on working? GBP £0.79
The Two Leslies - Down at the Hole in the Wall GBP £0.79
The Two Leslies - Sweet Fanny Adams GBP £0.79
The Two Leslies - Itís a Hap, Hap, Happy Day GBP £0.79
The Two Leslies - Goodnight (Get your Torchlight) GBP £0.79

Lucan and McShane created the famous characters “Old Mother Riley and her Daughter Kitty” which they featured in some fourteen films. One of the major attractions of the 1940s, they only made four records (eight sides), all of which are featured on this Album.
The twin talents of Ronald Frankau and Tommy Handley were first employed in their duo North and South. They later formed Murgatroyd and Winterbottom. Tommy Handley also appears with his wife Jean Allistone on the track "Have You seen my Chickens?"
Other Double Turns include Collinson and Dean, Naughton and Gold, and the less than politically-correct black-face cross-talking act Alexander and Mose formed by Billy Bennett and Albert Whelan. A fascinating insight into the comedy of the 1930s.

Two s Company - Variety Double Acts
Two's Company - Variety Double Acts - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Milton Hayes produced a series of monologues which went under the collective name of "The Meanderings of Monty". Taking any topical subject matter he would produce an amusing discussion of its various merits. In his stage act he used a newspaper as one of his props - reading across the columns with ridiculous results.
The Album includes all his commercial recordings.

Milton Hayes - The Meanderings of Monty
Milton Hayes - The Meanderings of Monty Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Famous as a seaside entertainer and pantomime dame, Clarkson Rose made many records during the 1920s and 1930s. He wrote many of his songs, which were also recorded by others. His autobiography was called "Twinkle" and that word sums up his performances - full of life. Included are his famous tracks Back I went to the Ministry of Labour and I had to go and draw another Pound out.

Clarkson Rose - Ever So Goosey
Clarkson Rose - Ever So Goosey - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

During the 1930s, concert promoters and record companies enjoyed a brief revival of interest in the older music hall performers. Fortunately for us today, this resulted in a number of fine electrical recordings of Artists such as Tom Leamore and Marie Kendall - thus It's Electric.
This Album combines these with other classic recordings such as Charles Penrose's Laughing Policeman and Lupino Lane's Lambeth Walk, and two rare Marie Lloyd Jnr. tracks. By popular demand, Tommy Trinder's renditions of Champagne Charlie and The Man on the Flying Trapeze are included.

Its Electric
Album (Download) - It s Electric GBP £7.99
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