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Harry Lauder spent some nine years of his early life as a coal miner, in Hamilton.   After a period as an amateur entertainer, Harry Lauder progressed to professional appearances in Scotland and subsequently the North of England.  In London, Harry Lauder was an immediate success, and went on to be one of the highest paid performers of his generation.
 The Album contains 26 tracks by Harry Lauder, the first 20 tracks being recorded between 1903 and 1910.  Included are  some early versions with piano accompaniment and spoken announcements.

Harry Lauder - Foo the Noo
Harry Lauder - Album (Download) - Foo' th' Noo GBP £7.99

Ella Shields was a charming artiste, popular for many years in Music Hall singing “If You Knew Susie”,  “Stick to London Town”, “Show Me The Way to Go Home” and her most famous song “Burlington Bertie from Bow”. 
“Burlington Bertie”  was first sung at Newcastle in 1914.  The song was written by Ella's husband William Hargreaves who also wrote Billy William’s “I must go home tonight” as well as other Music Hall songs.
The Album contains 23 tracks, being recorded between 1915 and 1929.

Ella Shields - Burlington Bertie from Bow
Ella Shields - Album (Download) - Burlington Bertie from Bow GBP £7.99

Wilkie Bard was a specialist in character studies and his sketches included “The Cleaner” and “The Bathing Machine Attendant”. Often he appeared in female roles such as “I want to sing in Opera”; this song also exploited a technique known as the “Interrupted Turn” which he originated and which has been used by most double acts ever since. He had a long career in pantomime, appearing twice at Drury Lane where he introduced the vogue for tongue twisters like “She sells seashells on the seashore”. The Album contains 24 tracks, being recorded between 1908 and 1936.

Wilkie Bard - She sells Seashells
Wilkie Bard - Album (Download) - She sells Seashells GBP £7.99

By popular demand, a Music Hall "Greatest Hits" CD. Over 70 different old songs on this Album featuring the most popular repertoire of nine different original Artists. If you are new to Music Hall then this Album can be recommended as an introduction to many of the famous songs and artists. If you already love Music Hall then you will enjoy the atmosphere of these selections, some with spoken introductions by the artists. Dating from a period of Music Hall revival, all the performances were captured by electrical recording, thus giving a wider frequency range and reduced surface noise than many of the earlier discs. The complete Album contains 9 different medleys, being recorded between 1929 and 1933.

Album - Music Hall Medleys
Album (Download) - Music Hall Medleys GBP £7.99
Tom Costello in Song Memories GBP £1.29
Florrie Forde Old Time Medley GBP £1.29
The Popular Songs of Billy Merson GBP £1.29
Ella Retford Songs Medley GBP £1.29
Harry Champion Old Time Medley GBP £1.29
Vesta Victoria Old Time Medley GBP £1.29
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