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Accordeon Bands played a significant part in the entertainment world of the 1930s.  Both popular on stage, and through large sales of records, Primo Scala rose to be the top practioner of the genre.  Tracks chosen for this Album feature many Music Hall and Variety favourites, played in his typical style.

Primo Scala - Waltz me Around Again
Primo Scala - Waltz me Around Again - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Ridgeway's Late Joys was a Music Hall revival which was chaired by Leonard Sachs at The Players' Theatre Club.  Starting shortly before World War II, it rapidly became a success and this live recording captures the atmosphere very well.  Also included on the Album are two studio recreations of Music Hall, chaired respectively by H Chance Newton and Charles Coborn.

Ridgeways Late Joys
Ridgeway's Late Joys (Album Download) GBP £7.99

Bob Mallin was popular during the mid 1930s with his cowboy songs, and may be regarded as the first British Country and Western singer.  As well as his solo performances, he was also a vocalist with Henry Hall and the BBC Dance Orchestra. Later he was the singing cowboy in the BBC Radio series Riders of the Range.

Bob Mallin - Blazing the Trail
Bob Mallin - Blazing the Trail - Album Download GBP £7.99

Helen and Josephine formed "The Trix Sisters" in 1916, following Helen's success as a solo artiste in America.  In 1920 they arrived in England to appear in Revue and during the following decade became popular Variety performers.

The Trix Sisters - I am Crazy Over You
The Trix Sisters - I'm Crazy Over You Album Download GBP £7.99

Betty Fields was the sister of Gracie Fields.  Although less well known than her famous sister, she had a long career in show business both in Revue and later in films.  Her recordings date mainly from the 1928 - 1930 period.

Betty Fields The Same to You Upholstered
Betty Fields - The Same to You Upholstered - Album Download GBP £7.99

Olive Fox was the wife and partner of comedian Clarkson Rose.  An artiste in her own right she worked with Clarkson to produce the show "Twinkle" which was popular around the seaside resorts for many years.  This Album features both her solo recordings and those made jointly with Clarkson Rose

Olive Fox with Clarkson Rose - Twinkle
Olive Fox with Clarkson Rose (Album Download) - Twinkle GBP £7.99

 Although George Elrick started his stage career as a dance band drummer, he was soon fronting his own band with his popular vocals.  The songs on this Album are mainly taken from the recordings with his Swing Music Makers.  For many years he hosted the popular BBC programme "Housewives Choice" where he introduced himself as "Mrs Elrick's wee son Georgie."

When You are Smiling
George Elrick - When You are Smiling Album Download GBP £7.99

Harold Berens was one of the foremost comedy artists to appear on BBC Radio during the 1940s.  A skilled raconteur, he came to fame with his cockney character in the series Ignorance is Bliss.  His catchphrase became What a Geezer.  This full CD features all live recordings transcribed from Private Acetate Discs.

Harold Berens - Wot a Geezer
Harold Berens - Album (Download) Wot a Geezer GBP £7.99

Arturo Steffani recruited boys, mainly from the Cardiff area to form his famous Silver Songsters in 1935.  Popular on the Halls and also on Radio, his choir formed part of the Variety entertainment of the 1930s.  Ronald Ronalde was a member of the songsters who subsequently went on to make a solo career.

Steffani and the Silver Songsters
Steffani and the Silver Songsters - Album Download GBP £7.99

Brothers Bob and Alf Pearson worked together for 57 years.  They became one of the most popular acts of the 1930s and 40s.  This Album includes some of their early recordings together with a selection of their medley records entitled Big Bits of Big Hits

Bob and Alf Pearson
Bob and Alf Pearson -My Brother and I - Album Download GBP £7.99
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