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The Roosters were the longest lasting concert party formed during the Great War.  Initially for the entertainment of the troops, they went on to broadcast during the 1920s right through to the 1940s.  Their recordings comprise some of their radio and concert sketches.  They include many marching and Canteen songs from the days of the Great War. Also included are a set of WW1 songs by the Quartette "The Big Four"

The Roosters - Army Reminiscences
The Roosters - Army Reminiscences (Album Download) GBP £7.99

     In his day, Grock was once the highest paid entertainer in the world, and is remembered for his act which combined musical wit and expertise with tumbling and fooling around.  Although a very visual performer, he made several audio recordings of his act based on his stage show. Fluent in several languages, he also composed numerous songs and tunes some of which were recorded by L’Orchestre Musette de Grock and are included on this Album.
     In 1917, Grock met the young Winston Churchill.  Congratulating him, Churchill said "Well Grock, I must say that the best comics in the world are English." "But I am Swiss," said Grock.  "Then you must get yourself naturalised at once" Churchill snapped.

Grock - King of Clowns
Grock - King of Clowns (Album Download) GBP £7.99

Henry Hall directed the BBC Dance Orchestra for five years from 1932 and was the most popular British Broadcaster.  As well as music for dancing, he made a number of novelty numbers which are featured on this CD.  Amongst these superbly recorded numbers, The Teddy Bears Picnic  was used as a test disc for many years by the BBC.

Henry Hall - Animal Crackers
Henry Hall - Animal Crackers (Album Download) GBP £7.99

G. H. Elliott's career spanned many years and in 1953 he celebrated 50 years as a Music Hall Star.  Fortunately for posterity, he had private recordings made of some of his appearances around this date.  Some time after George’s death, his personal recordings were disposed of, and found their way onto a Market stall on the South Coast.  A local record collector picked them up and stored them in his garage for the next forty years.   In 2013, whilst downsizing, he contacted us, and the results have found their way onto this Album.
 These now present a superb way of hearing a top artist in live performance and interview.

G H Elliott - 50 Years A Star
G H Elliott - 50 Years A Star (Album Download) GBP £7.99

Leslie Holmes is now best remembered for his partnership with Leslie Sarony in the duo "The Two Leslies".
Showing musical talent from childhood, he was also an entertainer in his own right, appearing as "The Man with the Smiling Voice".
24 tracks recorded between 1932 and 1936

Leslie Holmes - No Funny Business
Leslie Holmes - No Funny Business (Album Download) GBP £7.99

Leon Cortez with his Coster Pals appeared on Radio and performed in Variety in the late 1930s. These perfomances leant heavily on the Coster style and this is reflected in his choice of songs based on East London favourites.

Leon Cortez - Knees Up Mother Brown
Leon Cortez - Knees Up Mother Brown (Album Download) GBP £7.99

Mario "Harp" Lorenzi was at his height of popularity in the mid 1930s when he married the dance band sound to that of the solo harp. For many years he appeared in Variety shows, performing light classical as well as swing and dance numbers.  On this Album he brings his unique style to popular hits of the time.

Mario Harp Lorenzi - The King of Harpists
Mario Harp Lorenzi - The King of Harpists - (Album Download) GBP £7.99

There have been a number of attempts to revive Music Hall in the past 60 years.  In Australia, Gaslight Music Hall was a popular TV programme which used a similar format to the BBC's Good Old Days.  John Bluthal, latterly known for his appearances in The Vicar of Dibley, wrote the scripts and performed in the show.  The Album features spirited renditions of many old favourites, the words being particularly clear.

Gaslight Music Hall
Gaslight Music Hall - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Stanley Lupino is often associated with musical comedy and pantomime, although in his early career he appeared on the music hall stage.  A member of the prestigious Lupino theatrical family, this Album covers the span of his recordings from 1916 through to 1936.  The title track is taken from his 1933 film - Happy.

Stanley Lupino - Happy
Stanley Lupino - Happy Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Max Miller was the top Variety comedian of the 1930s and 1940s.  This Album includes studio tracks as well as a complete performance recorded at the Finsbury Park Empire in 1939. 

The "Cheeky Chappie" at his best.

Max Miller - The Girls I Like
Max Miller - The Girls I Like Album (Download) GBP £7.99
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