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Max Miller needs no introduction as the pre-eminent entertainer of the Second World War years. Included here are two of Max's live performances recorded during the 1940s together with a later performance which took place in the Black Lion, Patcham. Max Miller introduces jokes from his blue and white books as well as songs in his inimitable manner.

Album Running time over 76 minutes.

Max Miller - Thats Nice Maxie
Max Miller - That's Nice, Maxie - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Gwen Farrar was a classically trained cellist who first came to fame with her partner Norah Blaney in the early 1920s

After their act split up she teamed up for a short time with the pianist Billy Mayerl and made a number of now scarce recordings for the Vocalion Company during the late 1920s. These and other later recordings are included on this Album.

Billy Mayerl and Gwen Farrar Album
Billy Mayerl and Gwen Farrar - Album (Download)- Masculine Women Feminine Men GBP £7.99

More humourous and nonsense songs from Leslie Sarony. Included on this Album are two versions of his famous song The Old Sow for which he perfected various vocal sound effects. His song Jollity Farm was revived by the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band in the 1960s.

There’s a farm called Misery, but of that we’ll have none
Because we know of one, that’s always lots of fun
And this one’s name is Jollity; believe me, folks, it’s great
For everything sings out to us as we go through the gate
All the little pigs, they grunt and howl
The cats mee-yow, the dogs bow-wow
Everybody makes a row, Down on Jollity Farm

Leslie Sarony - Album - The Old Sow
Leslie Sarony - Album (Download) - The Old Sow GBP £7.99

Elsa Lanchester was an English Actress who had a successful career as a dancer as well as performing songs at her night club "The Cave of Harmony." It was here that she revived several Victorian temperance ballads which are included on this Album. In the 1930s she moved to Hollywood where she appeared in the film The Bride of Frankenstein amongst others. She later produced a touring act featuring Old Music Hall songs as well as more modern songs written in the same genre. These also feature on this Album, in many cases introduced by Elsa herself.

Elsa Lanchester - Cockney London
Elsa Lanchester - Album (Download) - Cockney London GBP £7.99

For more than 40 years, Betty Driver played the part of Betty Turpin, later Betty Williams, in the TV Series Coronation Street appearing in some 2800 episodes.  However, this was her second career as earlier she had been a successful singer and forces' sweetheart.  This Album features songs from that earlier period including her first recording made when she was just fourteen and issued in 1935.

Betty Driver - Twitterpated
Betty Driver - Album (Download) - Twitterpated GBP £7.99

Max Miller made his final recordings just a few months before he died and as he said in refering to himself: "There will never be another".  These recordings are included on the Album as a full live show and also two songs with the King of Skiffle, Lonnie Donegan.  To complete the Album are several studio tracks from the late 1930s. 

Max Miller - The Cheekie Chappie
Max Miller - The Cheekie Chappie - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Florence Desmond was most famous during the 1930s for her accurate and witty impressions of famous film and stage stars of the day.  She also had a radio programme which lead to her recording of "Hollywood Party".  As well as impersonations, she was a performer in her own right with numerous film appearances and excellent vocal interpretations of such songs as "She had to go and lose it at the Astor."

Florence Desmond - Hollywood Party
Florence Desmond - Hollywood Party - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

 Dorrie Dene is remembered today for her performance of "Twiddling the Knobs on the Radio."  However this single song doesn't do justice to the range of her perfomances.  Given the title "The Indescribable", she was described as having a spice of Ella Retford, a dash of Ethel Levey, and at times a voice that is Clara Butt like.  Her record company Vocalion said of her "<i>Miss Dene possesses the rare faculty of "letting herself go" when recording, and thus gets the whole of her humorous and forceful personality into both sides of the disc.</i>"

The Indescribable Dorrie Dene
The Indescribable Dorrie Dene Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Stanley Holloway had a long stage career which was massively revived in 1956 when he took the part of Alfred Doolittle in My Fair Lady.  Following success in this role he revived and recorded a number of Music Hall songs in his own inimitable style, which are included on the Album. 

Stanley Holloway - Petticoat Lane
Stanley Holloway - Petticoat Lane Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Billy Cotton was dubbed by the Variety Club as Mr. Show Business.  Starting as a Dance Band, Billy Cotton developed the idea of a Show Band featuring Variety Novelty numbers which form the theme of this CD.  His later TV show with his call of Wakey Wakey and his theme tune of Somebody stole My Girl brought pleasure to millions.

Billy Cotton - Mr Show Business
Billy Cotton - Mr Show Business Album (Download) GBP £7.99
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