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Violet Loraine began her career at an early age in pantomime and then appeared in Music Hall and Variety.  Her height of fame was during the Revue period around the First World War, and in 1916 she starred with George Robey in The Bing Boys are Here.  The song  If You were the Only Girl in the World became an instant hit and is still popular today.
A full CD of 23 Tracks from her earliest recordings to her revival in 1934.

Violet Loraine - The Only Girl in The World
Violet Loraine - (Album Download) The Only Girl in The World GBP £7.99

Daisy Taylor was one of the top Scottish Music Hall Artistes of the early 20th Century.  She left a legacy of fine recordings but sadly she only lived until the age of 36 years.  Popular throughout the United Kingdom, she also toured in America and  South Africa.  Reticent lovers and bagpipes play a part in her songs - for example You can't Make Music with That relating to the problems from a student bagpipe player.

Daisy Taylor - Popsy Wopsy
Daisy Taylor - Popsy Wopsy Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Jock Mills was a popular scottish comedian whose recorded output spanned the years 1906 to 1916.  One of his most famous songs was "The Suffragee" which was his riposte to the Suffragette movement of the time. Successful throughout the UK and beyond, in his later years he retired from the stage and became the landlord of Jock Mills' Bar in Glasgow.

Jock Mills - Parading in our Tartan
Jock Mills - Album (Download) Parading in our Tartan GBP £7.99

The Three Rascals came from America and made a great impression in Britain for their spirited ragtime songs.  They performed in Music Halls throughout the land to great acclaim.  This Album covers their main recording period from 1912 to 1914 and includes many classic songs.

The Three Rascals - Ragtime Melodies
The Three Rascals - Ragtime Melodies Album Download GBP £7.99

Jen Latona orignally described her act as "Songs of Hu,our accompanied by Piano and Concertina".  Although born in England, she married American Frank Latona at an early age.  Based in London, they also had property in Michigan and New York and toured extensively.

Jen Latona - Rickety Stairs
Jen Latona - Rickety Stairs - Album Download GBP £7.99
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