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Dick Henderson was the father of Dickie Henderson (of Television fame)  Dick rose to fame in the 1920s with his Yorkshire patter, fine singing voice and trademark bowler hat.  Popular in America as well as Britain, he made several early Vitaphone short films.

Dick Henderson - Pal of My Cradle Days
Dick Henderson - Album (Download) - Pal of My Cradle Days GBP £7.99

This Harry Champion Album includes 25 newly reissued songs as well as different versions of his classic Any Old Iron and Henry the Eighth. The main themes of Harry's songs on this Album feature his appearance and his love of food as in Four Meals a Day. Some of the items on the bill of fare seem strange today - Baked Sheeps Hearts, Trotters, but we all still enjoy Hot Meat Pies and Yorkshire Pudden.

Harry Champion - Album - Funny Little Bob Tailed Coat
Harry Champion - Album (Download) - Funny Little Bob Tailed Coat GBP £7.99

Elsie Janis and Ethel Levey were two american vaudeville stars who moved independently to London during the period of the Great War.  Their style and songs brought a new vitality to the London scene.  Ballin' the Jack introduced the Foxtrot dance to Britain, whilst Give me the moonlight is completely of its time with verses as might be sung by German Aviators and Irish Americans amongst others.

Elsie Janis and Ethel Levey
Elsie Janis and Ethel Levey - Two Americans in London - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

A feast of stars for those who love the Ladies of the Music Hall.
  All newly restored from the original recordings, there are no less than ten tracks by Vesta Victoria, plus six of Marie Lloyd's rarest Pathe recordings from 1904.  Kate Carney brings her Coster personality to the proceedings, whilst Vesta Tilley is still "The Idol of the Girls". Alice Lloyd and Victoria Monks complete the star studded bill.
28 great tracks from 1903 - 1913.

Ladies in the Limelight
Ladies in the Limelight Download Album GBP £7.99

Tom Foy is famous for his whimsical style of North Country Humour.

Famed as "The Yorkshire Lad" he made a particular name for himself in sketches such as "First Time that I come up to London" and "Tom Foy and his Donkey" and as a pantomime dame.  Interesting today for their social history as much as the humour, his recordings span the period 1911 - 1916.  A full Album of 23 tracks.

Tom Foy - Donkey and Me
Tom Foy - Donkey and Me - Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Margaret Cooper was an "Entertainer at the Piano"  but this description gives little away about her massive popularity during the early years of the twentieth century.  In the singing of light humourous songs, she was unsurpassed.  Her publicity described her as The Lady Corney Grain,  Corney Grain being a Victorian piano entertainer, and she led the way for other artists such as Barclay Gammon and Harry Fragson. A full Album of 24 tracks.

Margaret Cooper - Dingle Dongle Dell
Margaret Cooper - album (Download) Dingle Dongle Dell GBP £7.99

The tracks on this Album date from the period 1902 - 1907. During this time, the recording company which later became HMV was named
The Gramophone and Typewriter Ltd. For the delight of purchasers of their discs, the company had assembled a roster of top artistes and lesser known stars who recorded popular songs from the Music Hall.
Ranging from Alec Hurley, (who later married Marie Lloyd) via Malcolm Scott (Female Impersonator), to Kate Carney, (Coster Comedienne) this is a cornucopia of Edwardian Music Hall

Gramophone Music Hall
Gramophone Music Hall (Album Download) GBP £7.99

Florrie Forde had a gift for taking hold of an audience. With a repertoire of great songs with rousing choruses, she encouraged the audience to sing with her, establishing a fashion that continues to this day. This Album includes a selection of her earliest recordings, with some great titles. The ALbum contains 28 tracks, transferred from original 78 rpm records and phonograph cylinders which were recorded between 1903 - 1912.

Florrie Forde - The Crackling on the Pork
Florrie Forde - The Crackling on the Pork Album Download GBP £7.99

This Album brings together three artistes: Fred Elton, Joe Archer, Harry Ford, who were popular at the beginning of the twentieth century. 
Although almost unknown today, each artist has a following amongst present day music hall enthusiasts.
The opening track "Music Hall Titbits" gives us a tour of the Music Halls and mentions many of the top artists of the time.

Music Hall Tit-Bits
Music Hall Tit-Bits Album (Download) GBP £7.99

Violet Loraine began her career at an early age in pantomime and then appeared in Music Hall and Variety.  Her height of fame was during the Revue period around the First World War, and in 1916 she starred with George Robey in The Bing Boys are Here.  The song  If You were the Only Girl in the World became an instant hit and is still popular today.
A full CD of 23 Tracks from her earliest recordings to her revival in 1934.

Violet Loraine - The Only Girl in The World
Violet Loraine - (Album Download) The Only Girl in The World GBP £7.99
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