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During the 1930s, concert promoters and record companies enjoyed a brief revival of interest in the older music hall performers. Fortunately for us today, this resulted in a number of fine electrical recordings of Artists such as Tom Leamore and Marie Kendall - thus It's Electric.
This Album combines these with other classic recordings such as Charles Penrose's Laughing Policeman and Lupino Lane's Lambeth Walk, and two rare Marie Lloyd Jnr. tracks. By popular demand, Tommy Trinder's renditions of Champagne Charlie and The Man on the Flying Trapeze are included.

Its Electric
Album (Download) - It s Electric GBP £7.99
Charles Penrose - The Laughing Policeman GBP £0.79
Tom Leamore - Mick McDougal GBP £0.79
Tom Leamore - Percy from Pimlico GBP £0.79
Tom Leamore - Hi! Hi! Hi! GBP £0.79
Tom Leamore - I thought she was so shy GBP £0.79
Marie Lloyd Jnr - The Wink of the Old Glad Eye GBP £0.79
Marie Lloyd Jnr - The Costerís Wedding GBP £0.79
Nat Travers - Heís moved into a bigger house now GBP £0.79
Nat Travers - What is a Mammy, Daddy? GBP £0.79
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