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By popular demand, a Music Hall "Greatest Hits" CD. Over 70 different old songs on this Album featuring the most popular repertoire of nine different original Artists. If you are new to Music Hall then this Album can be recommended as an introduction to many of the famous songs and artists. If you already love Music Hall then you will enjoy the atmosphere of these selections, some with spoken introductions by the artists. Dating from a period of Music Hall revival, all the performances were captured by electrical recording, thus giving a wider frequency range and reduced surface noise than many of the earlier discs. The complete Album contains 9 different medleys, being recorded between 1929 and 1933.

Album - Music Hall Medleys
Album (Download) - Music Hall Medleys GBP £7.99
Tom Costello in Song Memories GBP £1.29
Florrie Forde Old Time Medley GBP £1.29
The Popular Songs of Billy Merson GBP £1.29
Ella Retford Songs Medley GBP £1.29
Harry Champion Old Time Medley GBP £1.29
Vesta Victoria Old Time Medley GBP £1.29
Wilkie Bard Medley GBP £1.29
Harry Lauder Medley GBP £1.29
Selection of the Songs of Clarice Mayne GBP £1.29
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